Academically/ Intellectually Gifted Program

Grades K to 12

Elkin City Schools will provide excellent educational opportunities that encourage lifelong learning. 

AIG Program


Elkin City Schools provides students with challenging learning opportunities that encourage higher level thought processes.  Students who are academically and/or intellectually  gifted may have special educational, social, or developmental needs which are not met in the regular program.  We recognize the ability and potential of these students and meet their individual needs with a variety of service options. 

In the AIG site you will find the goals of the program, placement procedures, and resource settings for all grade levels.  Also, look for the AIG calendar  which includes special events and project due dates.

Pamela P. Mickey, AIG Coordinator

Elkin City Schools

Elkin, North Carolina 28676



Elkin Elementary School    336-835-2756

Elkin Middle School            336-835-3175

Elkin High School               336-835-3858